Angels in the Valley

Rev. Barbara Anderson - Psychic Consultant

Angels in the Valley

    I am a teacher, counselor, and promoter of Metaphysics.  It is my passion to go forth and help others develop their Spirituality.  I promote psychic fairs, workshops, and other Metaphysical events in Ohio.  I am available for private readings, weddings, and classes.
     I have had the opportunity to work with many great teachers.   I work with the 11:11 energies and opening the gateways to higher consciousness.  I've had numerous experiences with working with the Angels and have traveled to many sacred spots and helped to anchor in the energies of love, peace, and light.
     I am one of the recipients of the "Holder of the Energy" awards, by the Youngstown Spiritual Society.  I have been active in the Metaphysical field for over 25 years.

    "It is one of my greatest joys to see the light of recognition when others discover their true nature."

                                                    -Barbara Anderson

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Barbara Anderson with her "Holder of the Energy" award.

Psychic Fairs



Akron, Ohio

March 19 & 20,

Nov. 12 & 13,
John S. Knight Center, Akron, Oh

11am – 6pm

Cambridge, Ohio

Feb. 20,
Aug. 27,

The Southgate Parkway


11am -5pm

Warren, Ohio

Feb 6  &  7,
Sept. 10 & 11,

Nov 5  &  6

Warren, Ohio

11am – 5pm

St. Clairsville, Ohio

April 3,

Oct 9,
Days Inn,
56201 Holiday Dr. St. Clairsville, Ohio 

11am – 5pm